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my mom really loves this place. You are all so friendly and nice. My mom loves your coffee machine and your coffee too!! My brothers both had braces and they liked you very much too. There are so many great contests for everyone and I really like that.

My treatment has gone super fast. From grade 5-9 I had braces from an old orthodontist who never made me new appointments or schedueled new ones if I was sick. The treatement process was slow and unsuccessful. Now I have had braces from this office for about 6 monhs and they have done wonders to my mouth. My smile had straightened out a tremendeous amount, I am so grateful for my parents and this ortho clinic with providing me with the nessessary process for ortho achievment .

Everyone is very nice! my teeth are getting straigter everyday! its working great!!! Totally reccomend it!

i just want to say thank - you for everything you have been doing to make my smile better so far im seeing a big difference and im so happy everytime i come in its nice to know i can count on you to help and teach me how to keep my mouth more cleaner. so thank you very much :)