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My treatment has gone super fast. From grade 5-9 I had braces from an old orthodontist who never made me new appointments or schedueled new ones if I was sick. The treatement process was slow and unsuccessful. Now I have had braces from this office for about 6 monhs and they have done wonders to my mouth. My smile had straightened out a tremendeous amount, I am so grateful for my parents and this ortho clinic with providing me with the nessessary process for ortho achievment .

Everyone is very nice! my teeth are getting straigter everyday! its working great!!! Totally reccomend it!

i give you guys 4 out of 5 tars. the only reason why i gave u 4 instead of 5 is that sometimes when you tend to work on our mouths you guys ask us question an we can't answer them because we have our mouths wide open so i kinda find it annoying. other wise i love going to Maduke and BUlats orthodontics.

i just want to say thank - you for everything you have been doing to make my smile better so far im seeing a big difference and im so happy everytime i come in its nice to know i can count on you to help and teach me how to keep my mouth more cleaner. so thank you very much :)